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Calvary Chapel in the Deep South

Listen to a podcast featuring Pastor Sandy regarding Calvary Chapel in the Deep South with Pastor Anthony Rea of Living Water Christian Fellowship in Dothan, AL.
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An Encouragement from Pastor Sandy to our Calvary Chapel Family

An encouragement from Pastor Sandy to our Calvary Chapel family.
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How We Role: Pastor Sandy Adams

Should women teach in church?  Has God assigned roles to men and women?  What does the Bible say? Pastor Sandy Adams addresses these issues in "How We Role."
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Things I’ve Learned In The Ministry

Spending nearly twenty years ministering to the body at Calvary Chapel Knoxville has taught Pastor Mark Kirk some powerful lessons. In today's post, Pastor Mike shares seven of those valuable lessons with us.
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Core Values: Living Grace

There is one core value shared among Calvary Chapels that, to me, is more important than any other. It is truly high and holy ground.
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Core Values: Male Leadership

A core value I pray all Calvary Chapel pastors maintain is the principle of male leadership in the church and in the home.
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Core Values: God’s Word

One of Calvary Chapel’s core values is our approach to teaching God’s Word. But my concern may not be what you think.
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Core Values: Dependence on the Holy Spirit

A core value of Calvary Chapel pastors is our dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit. We can teach the Bible verse by verse...
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